G2G video: generational video for Korean peacemakers

On the first day of the Ecumenical Korea Peace Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the organizers chose three “young” participants and asked about their expectations from the conference.  Then, they also interviewed three “elder” participants to share their words of wisdom to the next generation

For the older generation video, they interviewed Don Mosley of Habitat for Humanity, Rev.Michael Ham of UMC, and Rev. Syngman Rhee of PC USA. 

For the younger generation video, they interviewed Sue Park-Hur of Mennonite Church, Hyok In Kwon of United Methodist Church, and Daniel Jung of Evangelical Church of Germany.  .


Peacemakers in Georgia

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Don and Carolyn making the best pecan waffles- that's true southern hospitality!

Don and Carolyn making the best pecan waffles- that’s true southern hospitality!

Jubilee Partners: On May 14th, Sue flew into Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Ecumenical Korea Conference, but made sure to visit a great friend and personal hero, Don Mosley at Jubilee Partners in Comer.  (If you are not familiar with Don’s lifetime ministry as a peacemaker, you should definitely read his book, Faith Beyond Borders: Doing Justice in a Dangerous World). For the last 35 years, more than 4,000 refugees from over 30 countries have been welcomed into Jubilee Partners, healed in the love of the people living in Jubilee Partners community, and sent out in partnership with host churches around the US who have committed to help these families adjust to their new life in America. If you want to experience authentic community that practices radical hospitality, reconciliation, and restoration, this place is the place (www.jubilee-partners.org).
Ecumenical Peace Conference: From May 15th to 17th, Sue and Don Mosley attended Ecumenical Korea Peace Conference in Atlanta, Georgia hosted by Korean Church of Atlanta, UMC and co-sponsored by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and many other United Methodist Church organizations. Over ten different denominations gathered, earnest in the work of peace and reunification in the Korean Peninsula.
Sue was humbled by this conference as she met many Korean Christians who have been working actively towards peace in the Korean peninsula for decades.  They have prayed, fasted, risked their reputation as being labeled a “Communist” as they tried to carry out he ministry of reconciliation.  We often talk about how peacemaking begins with personal encounters and relationships, and through this meeting have met so many who have quietly built deep relationships with “the enemy” and expanding God’s kingdom.

With Dr. Pilji Kim Joo, who on March 2011 was named one of the 150 "brave, imaginative, and inspiring woman who shake the world" by Newsweek.

With Dr. Pilji Kim Joo, who on March 2011 was named one of the 150 “brave, imaginative, and inspiring woman who shake the world” by Newsweek.

 Dr. Pilju Kim Joo
One of the most inspirational people Sue met at the conference was Dr. Pilju Kim Joo who heads Agglobe Services International (www.agglobeinternational.org).  She was born in North Korea, but fled to South Korea as a child.  She studied agriculture at a time when few women were attending college and then completed her PhD in crop science at Cornell University.  In 1986, when the food shortage in North Korea was increasing, she was invited to go to North Korea to help with corn seed improvement. She remarked that she was deeply ambivalent about traveling to North Korea.  She had grown up vilifying her neighbors in the North, and she and her husband were very torn about using their expertise to help the “enemy” country.  She even talked about writing her will before leaving for North Korea in 1989 fearing that she may not return home to the US again.  Well, since that first visit, Dr. Joo has traveled to North Korea over 100 times, bringing her expertise and humanitarian aid.  She has begun six cooperative farms sharing the joy of yielding the fruit of labor and love with her North Korean students.What a powerful testimony of God working through this brave and faithful peacemaker!
We Koreans have to take at least one group picture!

We Koreans have to take at least one group picture!

The four day in Georgia was a transformative time and Sue felt deeply encouraged at the reconciling work God has begun and will continue to do through the commitment of Christ followers.