Restorative Journey Towards Reconciliation

ImageThe ten-week intensive peacemaking discipleship program begins

On September 15th, we were honored to have Ched Myers and Elaine Enns of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries launch the first of our ten week peacemaking discipleship seminars.     The dynamic duo delivered a two-day seminar entitled, “Restorative Justice as Interpersonal Transformation” grounding us in the scriptural foundation for restorative justice and giving us powerful examples of ordinary but courageous “ambassadors of reconciliation” transforming the local communities around us.  Ched challenged us as Korean Americans to see the healing work of restorative justice and truth that are desperately needed in Los Angeles recalling the personal, social, and structural violence that set the stage for the LA Riot in 1992.
i phone photos 003“This was the best lecture I’ve ever heard.”
-Dr. Moon Park, the President of California International University 


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