Joy in the Journey Towards Reconciliation

Joy and her mom

Joy and her mom

September 22-23:  Week Two seminars were led by Rev. H. Daniel Kim of Joy Center for the Disabled. In his lecture entitled, “Understanding Restorative Humanity.” Pastor Kim challenged us to reexamine our perception of what it means to be part of the new creation, and how the marginalized are viewed in the new creation order.


Some people say, “‘Joy will be healed when she goes to heaven. ‘ This implies that she is not complete. I disagree with them. I want her to look just like herself because she is fully who she is.”- H. Daniel Kim

We confessed that many times the church has failed to include and welcome people with disabilities as full participants in the community which is quite contradictory to how Jesus viewed them.  Joy, the beautiful daughter of Rev. Kim, and Paul, an active member of Joy Center- both who have Down Syndrome- testified truth to the powers.

“My view of God’s creation, has totally changed from our time with Rev. Kim.” -Jeehye    



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