Trauma and Resilience


The circle process was a moving time when we acknowledged that we have all experienced trauma but in community, transformation and healing can take place.

On January 18th, ReconciliAsian hosted a seminar entitled “Trauma Awareness and Resilience” led by Dr. Jungki Suh of Korean Peacebuilding Institute (KOPI). The seminar was based on Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) program taught at Eastern Mennonite University, a program that combines the “latest trauma research, personal self-care and innovative strategies for ending the cycles of victimhood and violence within our local, national, and global communities” ( Dr. Suh introduced the participants to:

* Common responses to trauma
* Transforming trauma
* Trauma intervention for individuals, communities, and societies
* Self-care for leaders and caregivers
* Restorative justice as a response to trauma

It was clear from the beginning of the seminar that the participants clearly identified with the impact of trauma not only on individuals, but to the community and especially to the church. After the lecture, Yongjin Jeong of KOPI led the participants in a circle process to share what they learned. Many were in tears as they shared their own trauma and the healing that was beginning to take place through this seminar. It was powerful and intimate to share such a time.

“The timing of the seminar was perfect. This seminar is helping me to process
a difficult period that I am personally going through. Thank you.” -Participant of the seminar

“I think this seminar is what the Korean American churches really need.
I am so glad I came.” -Joshua, participant of the seminar


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