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 ReconciliAsian Update
Peace & Justice Discipleship School begins April 28th

ReconciliAsian will begin Journey Towards Reconciliation 2 (JTR2) on April 28th.  This is an intensive five-week peace and justice discipleship school (meeting Mondays and Tuesdays) exploring the centrality of the gospel as the gospel of peace and reconciliation. We have a great line up of speakers who will help facilitate delving deeper into the topics such as restorative justice, living together in solidarity with the poor, peace spirituality, restorative humanity, peace in the Korean Peninsula, housing justice, interpersonal conflict transformation, and restorative education.

We are especially excited to be offering the courses in the South Bay area where many Korean Americans reside. Gardena Presbyterian Church has graciously opened its doors to host JTR2. Please pray for the five-week program that many will come and embrace of the gospel with renewed vision and spirit.

Meet Clara

Through the ten-week Journey Towards Reconciliation 1 (JTR1), we have been blessed to form a friendship with Clara.  Through the program, we discovered that Clara has a rich cross-cultural background having moved from Korea to Argentina, then Brazil, England, France, and finally to the U.S.. Through her journey, she has become fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and Korean.  Having encountered many difficult situations in various countries as an Asian woman, and currently as an educator, she sees the importance of learning conflict transformation skills. For Clara, however, the most difficult conflict to reconcile has been her fear of North Korea, the country where her parents were born. Clara commented that JTR1 has helped her in her journey to reconcile with North Korea.  She realized that her hope and prayer for a unified Korea is real. “I have crossed the line [from fear to reconciliation].  I had never imagined ever visiting North Korea, but I now I think I can take steps to do this.  This is huge for me!”  Her transformation through JTR1 has compelled her to help organize JTR2.  “I’ve decided to commit to ReconciliAsian because I see that what this organization does is very important.  I’m not going to sacrifice my time if I don’t see the value in it.  I see the staff working with a genuine heart to follow the way of Jesus, and I want to be part of this.”


Planning and Praying Together

We are so grateful for the wonderful planning team who have committed their time and talent to prepare for the five-week course. We have been meeting regularly to develop JTR2 curriculum and pray, and through these gatherings, we are discovering the rich gifts each person brings to the group that deepens our time together.  Please continue to pray with us:

  • Pray that the vision of peace and reconciliation in the gospel will be clearly communicated through the speakers.
  • Pray for the participants that they would feel welcomed and feel safe to share and reflect deeply through the course.
  • Pray for the energy of the staff and volunteers who will be serving for the five weeks.

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