Podcast: The tri-union God is holding the church

From January 25-29th, Hyun Hur attended 2015 Pastors Week at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana.  200 pastors and leaders attended from across the US and Canada.  Hyun had the privilege to preach on the last day of the week.

Hyun called the church to view unity as an essential part of its identity and witness and to trust God. Using a text from I Corinthians 3, he emphasized, “God lives in community, and this Father, Son and Holy Spirit are holding this church.” When you are struggling with division or issues of morality, he said, “Still the tri-union God is holding this church.” (you may need to clip and paste the link here) http://anabaptist.dreamhosters.com/podcasts/events-and-celebrations/?name=2015-02-06_hyun_hur_audio_only.mp310457720_324061961124877_7140914187875133978_o (1)

Or visit www.ambs.edu/news-events/iTunesU.cfm to download reflections on the topic, “Where Culture Blurs Theology: What is an Anabaptist Christian?” by Janet Plenert, Meghan Good, Greg Boyd, Malinda Berry, Drew Hart, Elisabeth Soto Albrecht, Hyun Hur, and David B. Miller.


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