ReconciliAsian is a peace center in Los Angeles  that equips Korean church leaders to serve in ways that promote unity, forgiveness, and peace.



We carry the conviction that the center of the gospel is the message of peace and reconciliation.  Recognizing Jesus’ ministry as one of peacemaking and desiring to follow the way of Jesus in community, ReconciliAsian aims to educate and promote the culture of peacemaking and reconciliation within the Korean community through the church. 


RA logoThe primary goal of the center is to encourage and equip Korean churches with peace theology and peacemaking skills that can promote conversation, participation, and cooperation: tools that congregations need if they hope to persist and have a vibrant Christian ministry in the church, local communities, and in the areas of conflict and violence in the global world.  Our desire is that Korean churches can be agents of peace that is transformative and restorative through studying, training, and practicing peacemaking together.


1.  EXPOSE the truth that the ministry of reconciliation is the core of Jesus’ call to his followers:

  • Explore peace/shalom theology
  • Develop Bible study programs focusing on reconciliation and peace
  • Offer Journey Towards Reconciliation, an intensive ten-week peacemaking discipleship school

2.  EDUCATE Korean immigrants to live out their call to be peacemakers in the local churchesChurchConflict

  • Learn conflict transformation skills and restorative justice through seminars
  • Provide peace discipleship Sunday school classes.

3.  ENCOURAGE and equip participants to become involved in local communitites with other ethnic groups as agents of peace.

  • Provide resources and training to be cross-culturally competent in the local communities
  • Train next generation of peacemakers to reconcile with other ethnic groups in the community
  • Organize youth peace camps

4. EXTEND the vision of reconciliation in the Korean peninsula to Korean immigrant and second generations.

  • Highlight the history and common stories to build peace
  • Aid North Koreans and North Korean refugees
  • Participate in reconciliation process with other Asianskorea_reunification_map

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