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We’d love to connect with you!  Feel free to contact us anytime.

Office location: 1041 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, CA 91107

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 70466 Pasadena, CA 91117

Email address:

Phone:  213-255-8886(Korean) or  213-255-8883 (English).


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hyun and Sue, I am sorry to miss this. I have a commitment to a gospel choir for MLK at Fuller. Blessings on you both. Very excited about this for you! -peace. Erin

    • Hi Erin, thank you for your warm blessing. It means so much to us. Tonight was wonderful as we are sure that your gospel concert went well. We may have been in different places, but we were all celebrating the legacy of nonviolence and peace that MLK lived out.

  2. Greetings Sue and Hyun,
    Sue, I understand from Ruth Guengerich that your plate is full and you don’t feel called at this time to serve on Mennonite Women USA Board of Directors. Discernment is a gift, is it not!? Last Sun. I was in Ind., had taken my almost 93 year old mother to see her two sisters at Greencroft Manor. They are 88 and 90 years old, Bonny Driver is one of them. You may know her husband John. We decided to watch the Goshen College service on TV, and I was SO blessed to hear your children’s story and message!! How fitting and necessary for our church, especially at this time! Thank you both, your joy was exciting! peggy martin, v-chair, MWUSA BOD

    • Hi Peggy,

      How wonderful to hear from you! I apologize for such a late response. I did not know that you sent a message on our blog! Thank you for reaching out with such words of encouragement. It was an honor to speak at College Mennonite Church about our passion and mission, and to know that you were blessed touches me greatly. I also love the connection of your aunt and uncle- Bonnie and John. I have not had the privilege to meet them, but my husband has met John for a long talk about Anabaptist theology and practice the last time he was in Indiana. Lastly, I do regret that i will not be serving on the board for MW USA at this time. I have talked to Ruth, however, about being a contact person for the west coast if there is a need. I truly believe in the work that you have been doing!

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