Who we are


HYUN HUR, Co-Director:  Born in Suwon, Korea, Hyun knew he was called to full time ministry in his teens. While studying at Korean Baptist University in 1988, he was introduced to Anabaptism and identified with the 16th century Anabaptists and their radical commitment to Jesus that faithfully followed the spirit of the early church. Hyun’s Anabaptist convictions deepened while pursuing a Masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary under Dr. Wilbert Shenk who was a Mennonite. Hyun believed that the Mennonites, who are seriously committed to their Anabaptist roots and have practiced the core values of discipleship, community, and peacemaking for the last 500 years, could offer an alternative and refreshing perspective to Korean Christianity.

SUE PARK-HUR, Co-Director:  Sue is a Korean American born in Seoul, but raised in Los Angeles since 1980.  One of the pivotal points in her life was witnessing the Rodney King Riots in LA while she was a sophomore at UCLA.  The racial, social, and economic tensions in the city were cries for the work of reconciliation. This experience helped Sue to understand the crucial role the church can play in the work of God reconciling the world to Himself.  Afterwards, Sue completed her Masters degree at Wheaton College, where she studied spiritual formation and intercultural studies.


DR. ALVING DUECK, Board Chair: Alvin Dueck teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary as a professor of cultural psychologies. He is a licensed psychologist with a long history of teaching pastoral counseling.

dueck 2008

Anne Dueck is a retired social worker and nurse who has traveled extensively with her husband, Alvin, to China.  She frequently gives lectures about geriatric care.image00

Hannah Heinzekehr is the Director of Communications and the Convention Planning Coordinator for the Mennonite Church USA,  and a former Church Relations Associate for the Mennonite Mission Network.  She is also the founder of the blog, “The Femonite” at http://www.femonite.com.


Joyce Hiendarto is the Executive Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications at Fuller Theological Seminary.


Rebeka Moeljono is a former graphic designer for the Mennonite Mission Network who has a gift in intercessory prayer.  She is also the Sunday School director for Arcadia Presbyterian Church.

RebekaBW (2)

Joe Roos is the co-founder of Sojourners magazine, and currently the lead pastor of Pasadena Mennonite Church.


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